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Eduardo Montesino


Eduardo Montesino was raised in the City of Santa Cruz where he attended local schools and Cabrillo College.

Eduardo and his wife Alicia were able to achieve the American dream and purchase their home in the beautiful Watsonville community where they have raised their three kids (Temoc 23, Xitali 18, and Xochilt 14).

After looking for ways to become more involved in the Watsonville community, in 2010 Eduardo ran for City Council for district 4 and won election by advocating for local issues like parks, green initiatives, youth involvement, streets and roads (City Council 2010-2014). He decided to run again in 2020 for City Council and won election (City Council 2020-current). He has been Mayor of the City of Watsonville twice; once in 2012 and again in 2023. Eduardo has been a tireless advocate for the Watsonville community in countywide government organizations such as, SCCRTC (Chair 2014), AMBAG, TAMC, City Select Committee, and LAFCO amongst others

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