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2023 Consolidated Call for Projects

The RTC is responsible for selecting projects to receive certain state, federal, and regional funds and is currently soliciting applications for approximately $26.6 million in regional shares of certain state and federal funds. Recently, the State added $34.6 million for Santa Cruz County that is available for transit capital projects and transit operations. Applications were due to the RTC October 25, 2023.

Eligible Projects: Funds are available for a variety of highway, local street/road improvements, reconstruction/rehabilitation, transit capital, transportation system management, bicycle and pedestrian, and transportation demand management projects as summarized in Attachment 1 of the Call for Projects. Projects must be implemented in accordance with state and federal requirements, as may be applicable.

Applications Received and Staff Recommendations: The RTC received 23 applications requesting over $95 million, exceeding the $61.3 million in available funds. The RTC staff developed preliminary recommendations based on a number of criteria, including project readiness, regional benefits, and alignment with the RTC’s strategic goals. Based on input from project sponsors, advisory committees, and members of the public, staff prepared revised recommendations for the RTC consideration and approval on December 7th, 2023.

Public Comment & Hearing

The RTC is seeking public comment on the preliminary staff recommendations for grant awards. The RTC is scheduled to hold a public hearing no earlier than 9:45am on December 7, 2023 meeting to solicit public input on specific projects proposed for these funds. The opportunity to make oral comments during the RTC’s 12/7/23 meeting is offered after the staff presentation and prior to Commission action. 

Public comments can also be submitted in writing via email to info@sccrtc.orgWritten comments received by 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday 12/6/23 (the day before the RTC meeting) will be posted to the RTC meeting webpage by 2:00 p.m. that same afternoon to allow time for RTC Commissioner review. The RTC’s advisory committees are also reviewing proposed projects and preliminary staff recommendations the week of 11/13/23.

Past Funding Programs

For information on past funding cycles, please visit the RTC’s Approved Projects webpage.

Other Transportation Funding Programs

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