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Urban wide-angle view of a modern city road in Lisbon with bicycle marking on green asphalt and two lanes of opposite directions, a pedestrian crossing in the distance, plastic posts in the foreground

As part of the ongoing commitment to multi-modal transportation, the RTC’s work program includes bicycle program planning and implementation.

While the RTC does not generally construct bicycle facilities, the agency provides critical funding and review of bicycle project plans. The RTC implements a number of programs available to the public which are described in the bicycle services page.

Bicycle Advisory Committee
The RTC’s Bicycle Advisory Committee advises the RTC and member agencies on bicycle projects.

County-wide Bicycle Signage Program
The RTC implemented the Santa Cruz County Bicycle Route Signage Program to direct cyclists along preferred and convenient bikeways to access major destinations throughout the county. Directing cyclists to preferred routes will increase traffic safety for all street users and will encourage cycling in Santa Cruz County.

Funding for Bicycle Facility Improvements

The RTC secures and provides funding for many infrastructure improvement projects such as bicycle paths and lanes, bike/pedestrian bridges, and road rehabilitation projects which improve riding conditions for cyclists. See the Regional Transportation Improvement Program for a list of the RTC’s funding commitments for bicycle related projects. A sampling of  funded projects include:

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