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A senior blind man with white cane waiting at bus stop in city.

In addition to its funding, planning and policy roles, the RTC also provides valuable services to the community including:

  • Cruz511 Traveler Information: A go-to place online for a wide range of multi-modal travel resources including a real-time traffic map. Personalized help navigating the transportation system to access the things you want and need
  • Motorist Aid: Call boxes, freeway service patrol and extra CHP enforcement on highways during peak periods
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Hazard Reporting: A system to alert local public works departments to sidewalks and bikeway conditions that need attention
  • Color maps of bike lanes, paths, routes and topography – countywide bike maplocal cities bike map
  • Guide to Specialized Transportation Services: for Seniors and People with Disabilities. Lists all accessible transportation services in Santa Cruz County.
  • Library: An online directory to RTC documents and publications
  • Bus: The RTC also supports and funds a variety of transit projects, including funding for expansion and improvements to local bus service, accessible transportation services, and planning for future uses of the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line.

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