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Bicycle Services

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Towards its goal of creating an integrated multi-modal transportation network, the Regional Transportation Commission provides a variety of services to support bicycling in Santa Cruz County.

In addition to the programs administered directly, the RTC is also the major funder of the following programs: Bike To WorkCommunity Traffic Safety Coalition and its Watsonville Vision Zero Task Force, and the Ride ‘n Stride program. These programs provide safety education and promote bicycling as transportation. The RTC’s Bicycle Advisory Committee advises the RTC and member agencies on bicycle projects.

Santa Cruz County Bikeways Maps

The RTC’s bikeways map (2016) shows bicycle lanes, bicycle paths and alternate routes within Santa Cruz County. The map contains accurate and updated information on bicycle routes as well as topographic features, major attractions, schools, bike shops, parks, campgrounds and hostels. For a free printed map, pick one up at 1523 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, contact the RTC at (831) 460-3200 or e-mail

Other RTC bike maps:

  • Countywide route wayfinding project, including web map (2020)
  • Special detailed bicycling maps (2018) covering either Central Watsonville or the downtown & Eastside areas of Santa Cruz. These maps feature additional attractions and destination zones, quiet street recommendations, and note streets with a downhill or uphill grade.

Bike Count Report

The Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) performed bicycle, pedestrian and motor vehicle counts at 10 locations throughout the county on Thursday, October 16, 2014. The October 2014 Bicycle, Pedestrian, Vehicle Occupancy and Motor Vehicle Count Report provides bike and mode split count results. This data was collected in order to measure bicycle ridership and pedestrian trends to monitor the progress of our county in moving towards a more sustainable transportation system.

In May 2012, the RTC partnered with the County of Santa Cruz Community Traffic Safety Coalition (CTSC) and the University of California Santa Cruz Impact Designs: Engineering and Sustainability through Student Service (IDEASS) program to perform bicycle, pedestrian and motor vehicle counts. The May 2012 Bike and Pedestrian Count Report provides a summary of the results of the May 2012 count, bike count trend data collected by the CTSC over the last ten years, recommendations for future count methodologies and a collection of the bike count data that has been collected in the county since 2000 during either the morning or evening commute periods.

Bicycle Safety

Reporting Bicycle Hazards
Notify us of obstacles or hazards that may inhibit bike or pedestrian travel by using the RTC’s Hazard Report. Reports are forwarded to the appropriate local jurisdiction for action and may be submitted at any time.

Three Feet for Safety Act
Sign: State law pass bike 3 ft minVehicle Code 21760 “Three Feet for Safety Act” went into effect in 2014. This code requires motorists to give at least three feet of clearance when passing people riding bikes. When passing with a three foot buffer is not possible, this law requires drivers to slow down to a safe and reasonable speed and wait to pass only when it was safe to do so. The law provides protections for bicyclists by recognizing their greater vulnerability and enforcing fines for infractions.

Bicycle Facilities & Information

Bicycle Planning Resources

The RTC works with local jurisdictions to develop and certify Bicycle Transportation Plans. Adopted Bicycle Transportation Plans are required for local agencies to apply for Bicycle Transportation Account grant funding. The following local jurisdictions have adopted bicycle plans.

Visit the Complete Streets page and see the sidebar list of recent Complete Streets plans passed locally.

Other Community Bicycle Programs

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Report a Hazard

Notify us of obstacles or hazards that may inhibit travel.

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