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Transit Services

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The RTC supports and funds a variety of transit projects, including funding for expansion and improvements to local bus service, accessible transportation services, and planning studies and possible future uses of the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line.

Local and Regional Transit Operators

Bus Transit via Santa Cruz Metro

Fixed route bus transit service in Santa Cruz County is provided by the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (METRO). Complementary ADA paratransit service called ParaCruz is also provided by Santa Cruz Metro. Local transit trip planning can be done using the online web tool Google Transit, by calling Santa Cruz Metro’s Customer Service at (831) 425-8600 or Cruz511 at (831) 429-POOL.

Santa Cruz Metro was formed in 1968 and currently operates over 80 buses on 34 fixed routes. In addition to bus service within the County, Santa Cruz Metro operates express commuter service over Highway 17 to Silicon Valley.

Both fixed route and ADA paratransit bus service is offered by the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District

Paratransit/Accessible Services

In addition to the paratransit services provided by the transit agencies listed above, the Regional Transportation Commission provides partial funding for the Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (Lift Line/Community Bridges) and the Santa Cruz Volunteer Center, which provide transportation services to seniors and people with disabilities in Santa Cruz County. The Elderly and Disabled Transportation Advisory Committee (E&D TAC) is a citizen’s advisory committee that advises the Regional Transportation Commission on matters related to accessible transportation and sponsors events and activities that promote accessible transportation.

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