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Pre-Construction Work on Highway 1 Between Bay/Porter and State Park Drive Begins this Week

Pre-construction work begins this week on a project which will construct northbound and southbound auxiliary lanes and bus-on-shoulder facilities on Highway 1 between the Bay Avenue/Porter Street and State Park Drive interchanges. The project will also replace the existing Capitola Avenue local roadway overcrossing and construct a new bicycle and pedestrian overcrossing at Mar Vista Drive.

Starting Thursday Nov. 2, crews will begin clearing and grubbing work for the project between Bay/Porter and State Park Drive with no scheduled traffic impacts.

This project is Phase II of the three-phase Highway 1 project to build a 7.5-mile-long hybrid bus-on-shoulder/auxiliary lane facility on the highway. Phase I, from 41st Avenue to Soquel Avenue/Drive including a new bicycle pedestrian overcrossing at Chanticleer Avenue, is under construction and is expected to be completed in 2025.

The Highway 1 auxiliary lane/bus-on-shoulder projects are a part of the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission’s (RTC) Watsonville to Santa Cruz Multimodal Corridor Program (WSC-MCP). The WSC-MCP is composed of innovative projects on the three main north to south routes through Santa Cruz County – Highway 1, Soquel Avenue/Soquel Drive/Freedom Boulevard, and the Santa Cruz Branch Line – that address vital transportation needs of the community while developing a sustainable, multimodal transportation system in the county.

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