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Travel/Training Request Form

Use this form to request training, travel, and exceptions to the travel policy. Print your completed form and route for approval by signature. Submit approved forms to Administrative staff to complete your booking.

The name of the individual travelling or attending training.
Input a single date or date range.
Provide the link where Admin staff can go to enroll or register you for the conference. Leave blank if not applicable.
In dollars and cents.
Name and/or GL Code
Which hotel do you plan to stay in? Leave blank if not applicable.
What dates are you checking in and checking out of lodging? Leave blank if not applicable.
What is the best available nightly rate for this hotel on the dates you are staying? Always call the hotel and ask if there is a government rate available, or if there is a room block reserved for your group. Type $0 if not applicable.
Go to GSA Travel Resources website and look up the Per Diem rate for the city, state, and fiscal year that you are travelling. This is the maximum allowable rate (not including taxes) that RTC policy allows. Input the nightly rate here.
The rates at your desired hotel may exceeds the allowable GSA Per Diem rate. Please choose from one of these options.
Please explain why it is beneficial for the employee to stay at a hotel at a rate higher than allowable. Leave blank if you are not requesting an exception.
How do you want to pay for lodging?
Note that requests for reimbursement can take 1-2 months processing time.
If less than 50 miles away, you will need to request an exception to the travel policy in order to stay at a hotel. If applicable, describe why it is beneficial for the employee to be granted an exception.
Please describe how you will transport yourself from 1101 Pacific Avenue to your destination, and your return home.
If you plan to drive your personal vehicle, please include the miles you will be driving. Attach a Google Map showing the route you plan to take, and the mileage from 1101 Pacific Avenue to your destination. Mileage is reimbursed at a fixed rate that is updated each fiscal year. Fuel, insurance, and vehicle wear-and-tear are included in the mileage reimbursement rate. Please contact Admin or Fiscal with questions.
Many hotels require a separate parking fee. Please input anticipated parking costs.
Input the cost of anticipated tolls.
Input the total cost anticipated for Rideshare (i.e. Uber, Lyft, BCycle), Taxi, or Transit.
Rental cars are subject to approval. Please describe why it is beneficial for the employee to rent a vehicle. Leave blank if no rental car is requested.
Enter the cost of the rental car you are requesting.
Describe the flights you are requesting for your travel. Which airports, what dates, and what time of day would you like to arrive/depart?
Month, Day, Year
Please provide your sex as shown on your government ID.

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