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Goats returning to the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line for Vegetation Control

The Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) will be utilizing goats to control vegetation overgrowth on the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line (SCBRL) beginning March 20 on approximately 2.6 miles of the corridor.

Goats will be utilized in four locations to control weeds and potential fire hazards, clear certain drainage ditches to prevent clogging which may damage infrastructure or neighboring properties, reduce the debris degrading the railroad ties, and to clear certain invasive growth areas which impede visibility for safe travel and for police to patrol for illegal activities. Utilizing goats is quieter, more energy efficient, requires less person-power, and could reduce the need for and/or enhance the effectiveness of herbicides. This could also reduce the overall maintenance cost of the corridor.

Work will take place in these locations starting in Aptos:

  • Aptos (Doris Avenue to Sandalwood Drive)
  • Capitola (Coronado Street to Wesley Street)
  • Live Oak (38th Avenue to 17th Avenue)
  • La Selva Beach (South of the San Andreas Road overcrossing)

This work will require the use of electric fencing, goat herders, and herding dogs, all of which will also be contained within the SCBRL right-of-way where the work is being done. The public is asked to not disturb the electric fencing, enter the fenced area, or pet/feed the goats or dogs.

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